The Healing Power of Faith

You can conquer any addiction with the healing power of faith. Faith will release God’s grace into your life. And we all need an abundance of grace in our lives. God wants our body and soul to prosper. God wants … Continue Reading

"Smoking is Most Illogical" Commander Spock

Just over a year ago on February 27th the iconic actor Leonard Nimoy died of end stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. On February 23rd of last year he tweeted ” I quit smoking 30 years ago. Not soon enough, I … Continue Reading

Take A Good Friend On Your Recovery Journey

Recovery is a lifelong journey. If people feel lonely on that journey they could begin to believe that life in recovery is not worth it. These feelings of loneliness can lead to relapse. Friendship is critical in the early stages … Continue Reading

How To Be Happy This Memorial Day

The Declaration of Independence gave us the right to pursue happiness. Today is the day we remember the people who died while serving in the armed forces. Those same individuals fought and died for our freedom so we may all … Continue Reading

Stay On The Right Track. Stay In Recovery

You’ve taken the first step to change your life for the better. You are fed up with living the life of an addict. Maybe you’ve spent years in your addiction. If so, it will take more than a week or … Continue Reading

Caffeine is a drug. Are you an addict?

Caffeine is everywhere today. From outright energy drinks, to Starbucks brewed coffee, to pure caffeine powder there are more ways than ever before to consume caffeine. In the 1990’s CVS, Walgreens, and RiteAide put the local corner drug dealer out … Continue Reading

Recovery Is Active Not Passive

Things will not magically get better. Your habit or addiction won’t just go away. And while I believe in miracles its not the best recovery strategy. You can overcome any addiction. You can break the chains of any habit. It … Continue Reading

Steps To Make Recovery Less Painful

Most people entering treatment are naturally apprehensive and curious as to what lies ahead. Here are a few steps to help you get the most out of your time spent in rehab. First off, convince yourself that this will be … Continue Reading

Go Confidently Into Recovery

Self confidence is extremely important in maintaining your mental health. The simple fact that you recognize you need help should boost your confidence. Millions of addicts either deny they need help or fail to have the self confidence to ask … Continue Reading

Routine Is Part Of Recovery & Life

Creating a healthy routine is a critical element in any recovery program as well as in life. Developing positive habits are the building blocks for a successful recovery. They help to create structure and avoid boredom or anxiety. Those early … Continue Reading