The Declaration of Independence gave us the right to pursue happiness. Today is the day we remember the people who died while serving in the armed forces. Those same individuals fought and died for our freedom so we may all pursue happiness.  Thank you to all the men, women, and families of our military both past and present who sacrificed for us. While we can still pursue happiness in America ask yourself this one question. What makes me happy? A bigger house? A new car? A better job? Getting married? Better health?  Until you can honestly answer that question the best way to find happiness is to just say no.  Use this powerful word to simplify your life, reduce stress and anxiety, gain free time, and improve your finances. We have been given a great gift living in the United States of America. And to whom much is given much will be required. This Memorial Day slow down and take a moment to be thankful for our current blessings. You don’t need another car, couch, or grill. Don’t worry Fourth of July is just around the corner along with another sale.

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