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It’s Time To End Your Relationship With Those Bad Habits

Everyday millions of us are struggling to lose weight, quit smoking, reduce caffeine, overcome alcohol, eliminate debt, conquer drugs, and hundreds of other habits. It’s time to end your relationship with those old unhealthy habits and say yes to new healthy ones!


Try To Break Your Habit & Win New iPad Air 2

We love breaking bad habits! Are you ready to kick that old unhealthy habit to the curb? Here’s your chance to kick that habit and win an iPad Air 2 WiFi 64GB. Just download  our free app, enter the habit you want to say no to, hit the blue text JSN button, and share a screenshot with us. Yep its that easy!

You Have The Power To Say No!

Your most potent weapon in fighting any habit is your ability to say no. It’s impossible to achieve success in anything without it. People like Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet have both proclaimed mastery of this two letter word. The roadblocks and pitfalls that await all of us in life can be minimized or avoided by understanding its power. Learn how and when to say no and watch peace, prosperity, and purpose pour into your life.


Modern Design & Flawless Functionality

Loaded with features to help you stay focused, gain control, get motivated, and resist temptation.

Stay Inspired

Stay motivated, focused, and on track with preloaded rotating inspirational messages. Upload, add, or delete as many as you prefer.

Share Your Success

Share awesome screenshots with friends, family, and even us across social media channels, email, or text.

Custom ‘No’ Button

Need extra help saying no? Just push the red ‘no’ button and we’ll do the rest. We’re ready to say no over and over again in funny ways.

Track Your Savings

Ever wonder how much that habit is really costing you? Our app tracks your expenditures so you can add up all those Benjamin’s.

New Time Tracker

Our comprehensive time tracker is loaded with great features and a clean modern design.

Load Multiple Habits

Add as many no’s as your heart desires. We usually have more than one habit that needs help.

Our Screenshots - Oh Yeah!

Easy On The Eyes & Your Wallet…. Its Free!

"Love this App. Downloaded one night and quit smoking nine days ago! "
Timothy HAsheville, NC
"Fantastic App! Said No to carbohydrates 23 days & 12lbs ago."
Michael JGreer, SC
"Thanks JSN! I was addicted to caffeine for years but now caffeine free for 46 days."
Kelly CSarasota, FL
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