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Do you know someone who should say NO to someone or something?

It could be a friend, family member, distant relative, public figure, politician, government, or even a business.


What's your no?

We call these Personal No’s. They show up in the immediate section below. You can say no to anything you like. Can you say no?

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Latest Personal NOs

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I'm already overweight , so I probably should say no to even just one slice of this heart stopping, jean busting, date losing, pile...

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If you think people give a rats ass about your selfie you are delusional. Unless you're famous or a "ho" nobody really cares, just...


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There is such a thing as a needless bill. And then, there’s a needless bill with an estimated $1 million price tag. Fortunately, Nebraska...

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On Tuesday, without any fanfare or speech, President Obama will issue his first veto of 2015. By refusing to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline...

JSN Blog

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I think as parents we condition ourselves at a very early age to never say NO to our children. Maybe it starts at...

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Just Say No justsayno.comvideo

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This is a World full of pressure. Pressure to give in! Pressure to fit in! To just say yes. But there is another way....
Just Say No to College Debt

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The average American with student loan debt owes approximately $33,000 by the end of a 4-year degree. Student loan debt is second only to...

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