What's your no?

We call these Personal No’s. They show up in the immediate section below. You can say no to anything you like. Can you say no?

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Latest Personal NOs

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I refuse to support any product that advertises in this manner. It's offensive and invasive and I say NO to them!

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Spanking your children is one thing, excessive switching to the point of welts and bleeding is another. I believe in disciplining my children and...

JSN Blog

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So many articles and blogs written on why say no and how to have the confidence and the ability to say it without guilt,...

Don't Miss these Nos

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Childhood inactivity was recently voted the #1 concern by most parents. Obesity was viewed as the #1 health concern for Americans. Clearly,...

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This is a World full of pressure. Pressure to give in! Pressure to fit in! To just say yes. But there is another way....

Random No's

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Road Rage....caused by people who think they're perfect drivers. About 1500 people are injured or killed each year due to RR. People out of...

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Just Say No to Negative people stealing your joy and happiness. We all have these people in our lives. Many are friends, coworkers, and...