The Subconscious No

Your Friend in Recovery – The Subconscious Mind

The powerful subconscious mind exerts tremendous influence over our lives. Right now your subconscious mind is directing countless programs that run your life. Many of those programs were created years ago and have formed ritual like habits that can seem … Continue Reading

How To Say No To Anybody Or Anything

It only takes ten simple steps and just a few seconds to learn how to say no to anyone or anything. No need to make it harder than it really is. That’s what your therapist gets paid to do. 1. … Continue Reading

It’s Ok To Say No To Your Kids, They Won’t Spontaneously Combust

Ask any parent and they will tell you kids don’t spontaneously combust when you say no to something they want. They may blow up for a moment or two, but don’t worry they won’t combust.  It can be hard to … Continue Reading

Release The Past & Embrace Your Future

Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Everyone makes mistakes. Most people make the same mistakes over and over again. In those instances they are no longer called mistakes, but choices. Learn from your past, don’t regret it. Use it as … Continue Reading

The Phoney Yes

Why don’t people just say no? Excuses, excuses, excuses! All they do by saying yes when they really mean no is prolong the pain. Spare us all the drama, insincerity, and excuses, just say no.  

The "Dope" on Dopamine

Our brain releases dopamine whenever we find something pleasurable. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure, motivation, and cognitive processes, such as learning. When we sleep, eat, and have sex dopamine is released in various parts of our brain and … Continue Reading

Your Past Called – Don't Answer

Recovery is about replacing old negative behaviors with new positive ones. It takes discipline, hard work, and focus. It also takes a break up with your past. Don’t be ashamed of your past, it helped create the amazing person you … Continue Reading

5 Tips to Help You Say NO

Many people tell me that they have a hard time saying NO. They feel that it is not nice, polite, giving, etc. NO is considered negative even though it can truly have a positive impact on your life. It is … Continue Reading

The Single Most Important Tool for Women

Women have been told for decades that they can have it all. The problem with this theory however, is that it means that women have to DO it all. There is a relationship between the two. More women as a … Continue Reading

5 ways to stay healthy

Here are the 5 ways JUSTSAYNO stays healthy: 1)learn when to stop eating. When you feel satisfied, it is time to stop. Justsayno. You don’t need to eat until you feel full and uncomfortable. 2)Take a long walk after eating … Continue Reading