Women have been told for decades that they can have it all. The problem with this theory however, is that it means that women have to DO it all. There is a relationship between the two.

More women as a percentage today are on pills for depression, fatigue, & stress than ever before. Groups of women are depressed because they chose careers and now can’t have kids. Other groups are lamenting because they chose family, and society has told them they needed careers. Some women are lonely because they’ve been nothing but promiscuous and can’t find a ‘good’ man. Yet another group chose both family and career, and they are exhausted, stressed, and unhappy. A chaotic mess created by those strong women of past, who had a dream of equality and fairness.

The problem with this dream is that it’s impossible. The other problem is that the other half of the species did not choose to participate. We don’t see the majority of men running around claiming that they want to have it all. We don’t see them upset that they can’t bear children. (Not counting a few homosexuals that have spoken out against nature.) We don’t see the majority of men screaming that they will do their part so that women can ‘have it all.’ Therefore, it’s impossible.

What is the answer for us women today? What can solve many of our problems? What will define our boundaries, give us self-respect again, earn back peace and love? Learning to say NO. The one, easy fix. Say NO when your schedule is already full. Say NO when your kids want one more activity or event to attend. Say NO when your co-worker asks you to do their work. Say NO when an acquaintance asks you to take them to the airport an hour away. Say NO when your sleazy coworker wants to have an affair. Say NO when the school asks for volunteer work and you do not have the time.

What are the keys to learning to say NO?

Prioritize. So important to know what is most important in your life and who is most important. Once you’ve figured that out, it’s easy to say NO to the rest.

Guilt. Feel guilty when you say NO? DON’T! No need to. If you look at peaceful, successful, happy people, you’ll see one common trait. They don’t feel guilty when they make decisions. Make them and move forward.

Protect your self-esteem. In this world it is absolutely necessary to say NO to protect your own self-esteem. Don’t let people use you or walk all over you. Stand your ground, set your boundaries, and do what is best for yourself and your love ones.

Protect your morals. Ditto from above. People have no problem being immoral today. It surrounds us. We glorify sex stars like Kardashian and are entertained when she goes through men like underwear. Don’t be like her. Protect your morals and values.

Protect your finances. Many people today do not have the ability to save and be prudent. Newer cars, bigger houses, material things abound, it doesn’t make you happy. Learn to say NO if your bank account will suffer. Kids don’t need things, spouses don’t need things, and you don’t need things. People need love, time, support, & peace.

This is not about being selfish. This is about improving your life and your circle of loved ones. This is about obtaining true success that is defined by a happy relationship, good friends, grounded & morally correct children, & peace when you sleep at night.

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