Here are the 5 ways JUSTSAYNO stays healthy:
1)learn when to stop eating. When you feel satisfied, it is time to stop. Justsayno. You don’t need to eat until you feel full and uncomfortable.

2)Take a long walk after eating dinner. Instead of plopping on the couch and turning on the TV, justsayno and instead take advantage of the late sunlight and take a walk. It will help digest your food, help you stop eating, and keep you from being too inactive. A walk is still great exercise.

3)Don’t buy food that you shouldn’t eat. Justsayno. If you know you can’t have potato chips in the pantry without eating half the bag, don’t even buy them. Don’t open the door to temptation.

4)Start the day healthy. Justsayno to donuts, processed bagels, & sugary, processed cereals and cereal bars. Fruit, eggs, truly whole grain breads are much better choices.

5)Use olive oil. Justsayno to butter and unhealthy processed oils. Olive oil can be used to cook vegetables, meats, and even to bake with.

Learn to justsayno to the unhealthy and live life to the fullest today.

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