NOvember Just Say No Challenge

The ‘NO’vember Challenge

November. The time of year where everyone starts to say yes and continues to do so for 2 months. Food, spending, alcohol, it’s all going to escalate for the coming holidays. This will result in weight gain, additional debt, and … Continue Reading

Cut yourself some Slack

They say those who wonder if they are good parents are typically the ones who are good parents. I think sometimes those who continually beat themself up are probably the ones who should give themselves a break. Don’t be so … Continue Reading

Change your Environment

An addict I know has been unable to change her life for 30 years. It is the same story, use, hit bottom, get in trouble, get clean, get a new job, start in a new apartment, do well, use. The … Continue Reading

Change your Environment

There is a famous quote that says, ‘if you’re old, don’t try to change yourself, change your environment.’ I have a sister who has had the same problems for 20 years. Addiction, pain, & bad choices. At 47, she finally … Continue Reading

Minimize Your Challenges

Sometimes our obstacles seem bigger than they are. We place emphasis on them and give them more importance than they are due. Instead of magnifying your problem, minimize it. Take a 30 year addiction and focus on one day. Don’t … Continue Reading

Our Biggest Obstacle

Most of the time our biggest obstacle is something we can control. It is ourselves! We assume our biggest mistakes & tear ourselves down before anyone else even has a chance. Many times we let our past define our future … Continue Reading

Help Someone Else First

The holidays are tough for many people, not just those addicted. One of the best ways to help yourself with your problem is to help someone else with theirs first. This takes the focus off of your problem, plus helps … Continue Reading

Worry-the True Gateway Drug

I’ve spoken to hundreds of addicts, and one common theme remains true. Worry & stress are usually one of the biggest excuses addicts will use when justifying their use. Any reason to become stressed becomes a reason to use. If … Continue Reading

You are not Alone

I have a sister who has been addicted to cocaine for over 25 years. I know all the ups and downs of addiction, how it affects the addict, and how it affects those around the addict. The biggest factor she … Continue Reading

Humble Yourself

It takes a humble heart to receive help. God wants to help those willing, those that realize they need help. He asks us to humble ourselves so that he may lift us up in due time (1 Peter 5:6). When … Continue Reading