There Is No Elevator To Success You Have To Take The Stairs

In today’s get attention at any cost society the media loves to focus on overnight success stories. These are extremely rare and usually when you look behind the screen the person spent years preparing for that overnight success. Don’t try … Continue Reading

Gandhi’s Advice on Saying No

Anti-War activist and independence leader Mahatma Gandhi knew how to say no. He was a master of simple living. You could say he created the “less is more” movement decades before it gained any prominence. He worn plain clothes, enjoyed … Continue Reading

Want To Live A Successful Life? Then Learn This Word

Warren Buffet mastered this word to achieve incredible wealth. Steve Jobs used this word to change our lives forever. And this tiny but powerful word is available to you as well. Need more time? This word is a valuable time … Continue Reading

Failure Is The Most Important Gift Life Can Give You

Global best selling author JK Rowling battled clinical depression, a failed marriage, joblessness, and a “as poor as one can be without be homeless” financial situation. She wrote the first Harry Potter book in cafe’s while her infant daughter slept … Continue Reading

The Single Most Important Tool for Women

Women have been told for decades that they can have it all. The problem with this theory however, is that it means that women have to DO it all. There is a relationship between the two. More women as a … Continue Reading

The Why & How of NO

How to you say NO to your best friend? Your child? Your spouse?How do you tell your best friend they should say NO to something themselves? It’s tricky. People today want to hear ‘YES.’ We’ve lived in a generation that … Continue Reading

Breaking Free of Poverty & Welfare-Just Say No

As Americans we need to look at the trillions and trillions of dollars spend over the last century on welfare and decide whether any of it has been productive at all. Over 50 years ago President Johnson began his ‘war … Continue Reading

10 Rules to Dress Your Best & Win Awards

I honestly wish I could walk around, pick people out of a crowd, and teach them how to dress. It doesn’t take more money, it just takes a little more thought. We’ve all been guilty of dressing inappropriately at some … Continue Reading