Our Biggest Obstacle

Most of the time our biggest obstacle is something we can control. It is ourselves! We assume our biggest mistakes & tear ourselves down before anyone else even has a chance. Many times we let our past define our future … Continue Reading

How to organize your life with 10 easy steps

I have walked into people’s homes and seriously thought to myself I could probably not eat here if asked to. If there is clutter and stuff and things everywhere out of place, my brain just automatically thinks that cleanliness isn’t … Continue Reading

The Why & How of NO

How to you say NO to your best friend? Your child? Your spouse?How do you tell your best friend they should say NO to something themselves? It’s tricky. People today want to hear ‘YES.’ We’ve lived in a generation that … Continue Reading

How To Change Your Life With One Two-Letter Word

So many articles and blogs written on why say no and how to have the confidence and the ability to say it without guilt, yet as a society we still have such a hard time with that word. Think of … Continue Reading