How to organize your life with 10 easy steps

I have walked into people’s homes and seriously thought to myself I could probably not eat here if asked to. If there is clutter and stuff and things everywhere out of place, my brain just automatically thinks that cleanliness isn’t … Continue Reading

Parents: It's Time to Say NO to your Children

I think as parents we condition ourselves at a very early age to never say NO to our children. Maybe it starts at that 2 year old temper tantrum phase, or maybe we are just afraid of the word ourselves, … Continue Reading

Say No to Christmas Debt

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! Watch out! Retailers are going all out to get you to buy a bunch of worthless junk that you will make payments on years after you’ve thrown it aside. They spend billions of dollars in … Continue Reading

Business No's – Yes, you can say No

When we think of saying no it usually pertains to just our personal life. Yet, the art of saying no must be mastered in all aspects of our lives, especially in our business relationships. Whether it’s saying no to initial … Continue Reading

Just Say Yes?

It would be so easy to promote Just Say Yes, but that wouldn’t help anyone. Saying yes too much is what got you into trouble in the first place. It’s time to change your direction, change your path, thus change … Continue Reading

5 Funny Ways to Say No to Your Boss

How do you say no to the boss? It’s a problem faced by millions of employees everyday across the globe. Here are five funny ways to just say no to your boss. A friend of mine who can never hold … Continue Reading

Just Say No to using the wrong tone with people

Have you noticed how tone is so important? With kids and with loved ones, even with strangers…watch how the tone changes the perception and reception you get from what you say. Just say no to delivering your message in the … Continue Reading

Do you need to say no to someone?

Do you need to say no to someone in your life? A negative influence? Are they sucking the life out of you? Send them a no and get back on the right path God intended for you!

Never Doubt The Power Of No

Don’t underestimate the power of saying no. Too many successful people swear by this power. When you watch people run around aimlessly doing so many inefficient and mindless tasks you start to understand how taking control and saying no can … Continue Reading

Help your friends and family to say no

It is so easy to see areas where our loved ones need help. Let’s start by helping each other and offering support where it’s needed. The best thing you can do for a friend is help them to say no … Continue Reading