Say No to Gossip

God gave us two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we talk. Working towards keeping your mouth shut can be a full time job…just say no to gossip.

Say No to Doubt and Insecurity

Love who God made in you. Just say no to doubt, insecurity, and jealousy. Believe in yourself!

Blame Others for your problems? Just Say No

Teach your kids to be responsible. Don’t teach them victim mentality, where someone else is to blame.

Say No to Judging Others!

Be careful what you think about others, you never truly know. People focus too much on the superficial, the gossip, the supposed appearance. just say no to judging others.

Participation Trophies: Just Say No

Political correctness, it’s gotten out of hand on so many levels. The notion that we can’t offend one person or group of people is ludicrous.  Whenever you change one phrase to something else, you are invariably upsetting a new group … Continue Reading

Just Say No to Political Correctness

Just Say No to Political Correctness, it’s not a joke anymore. US soldiers can’t criticize pedophilia, Obama admin has removed all materials that even suggests Islam is related to terrorism. Chaplains in one police department have been banned from saying … Continue Reading

Warren Buffet's Advice on Saying No

Great advice for all.

Lost on the Path of Life – Find Yourself by Saying No

Have you ever lost something of real value and then find it a few days or weeks later? I don’t mean your car keys or a phone number. Maybe a pet or some other item of true sentimental value. How … Continue Reading

I Say No

In the 1980’s there were over 5,000 just say no clubs scattered across the globe. Millions of young people joined together to say no. Today the message is so much more than just drugs. We’re fighting the ‘yes’ drug! Your … Continue Reading

Just Say No Video

This is a World full of pressure. Pressure to give in! Pressure to fit in! To just say yes. But there is another way. To be Brave! You have what it Takes! To Just Say No