NOvember Just Say No Challenge

The ‘NO’vember Challenge

November. The time of year where everyone starts to say yes and continues to do so for 2 months. Food, spending, alcohol, it’s all going to escalate for the coming holidays. This will result in weight gain, additional debt, and … Continue Reading

Hope Is Not A Recovery Strategy – Get Help

Hope is awesome. Expecting and assuming a positive outcome to any situation is a good habit to form. But it must be accompanied by some wisdom and common sense otherwise it’s false hope. You can’t just hope your addiction or … Continue Reading

Empower Yourself To Take Action

Nothing will happen in your life until you decide to take action and move towards to your goal. The difference between who you are and who you want to be is What You Do! Robert Downey Jr speaking on his … Continue Reading

5 Funny Ways to Say No to Your Boss

How do you say no to the boss? It’s a problem faced by millions of employees everyday across the globe. Here are five funny ways to just say no to your boss. A friend of mine who can never hold … Continue Reading

Just Say No to Political Correctness

Just Say No to Political Correctness, it’s not a joke anymore. US soldiers can’t criticize pedophilia, Obama admin has removed all materials that even suggests Islam is related to terrorism. Chaplains in one police department have been banned from saying … Continue Reading

Warren Buffet's Advice on Saying No

Great advice for all.