You Have The Power To Say No

You have the power inside you to change your life. The moment you adopt the belief that you’re a victim is the moment you’ve relinquished absolute control over your life. Do you want to regain back control over your life? … Continue Reading

3 Ways To Say GoodBye To Bad Habits

So you woke up this morning and finally decided to drop your bad habit well; like a bad habit. That’s great news and a good start, unfortunately this is where it ends for most people. Studies show that less than … Continue Reading

Quit Fooling Yourself! Get Help & Get Sober

At some point you need to quit fooling yourself and get help. Until you admit you have a problem and face up to it, things will only get worse as you dive deeper into your addiction. Maybe you can “control” … Continue Reading

Change your Environment

There is a famous quote that says, ‘if you’re old, don’t try to change yourself, change your environment.’ I have a sister who has had the same problems for 20 years. Addiction, pain, & bad choices. At 47, she finally … Continue Reading