Minimize Your Challenges

Sometimes our obstacles seem bigger than they are. We place emphasis on them and give them more importance than they are due. Instead of magnifying your problem, minimize it. Take a 30 year addiction and focus on one day. Don’t … Continue Reading

Stop Wasting Time

I know so many people who simply just waste a lot of time. Time is too precious and once used, can never be returned. With so many distractions in our world today, it takes absolute focus and discipline to make … Continue Reading

Just Say No To Unhealthy Relationships

We’ve all been in them, whether a long time ago or very recently.  They destroy, take, drain, and make you lose sight of yourself.  If you are in a relationship that makes you feel in any way abused, hit the … Continue Reading

The Two Greatest Secrets I Learned to Help me Sleep

Don’t you love how cats sleep? They are just the most peaceful relaxing creatures I’ve ever witnessed. I have often sought to copy their behavior, especially at times in my life when I have experienced insomnia. Have you ever suffered … Continue Reading