So many articles and blogs written on why say no and how to have the confidence and the ability to say it without guilt, yet as a society we still have such a hard time with that word. Think of all the things you should have said no to in life.  How much better would things be?  Abuse, cigarettes, drugs, time commitments, relationships, anger, affairs, lying, food, the list could go on and on.  If you can start today, and start with little no’s you will find how empowering your life will become.


Someone asks you to do something you don’t want to, say no. Someone flirts with you and you’re married, say no.  Buying yet another pack of cigarettes, say no. Ordering another drink, say no.  Eating a full meal served at a restaurant when you’re already 20 pounds overweight, say no.  Someone you love hurts you in an unacceptable way, say no.  The point is, if we all just allowed what we know we should in our lives, how much better would this world be?


I look back at tons of people I should have just said no to. It could have avoided anger, bitterness, stress, anxiety, and wasted time.  When something you don’t want starts to control you in any way, it is vital to then start saying no so that you gain back the control.



When your child wants something you know they shouldn’t have, say no. You will be helping them.  Stop and think if you need to, but try and figure out why you are saying yes in the first place.  Is it because you don’t want to battle them?  You feel guilty about something you’ve done? Regardless of why, saying yes when you should be saying no can only be attributed to something harmful. If you truly care about their welfare and happiness, you will understand that saying no is good for them.  Every decision we make as parents helps shape our kids into the adults they will become.  If we let them have everything they want now they will be a disaster as an employee or spouse or parent later in life.  Say no.


No helps you set boundaries and focus on the positive in your life. No helps you gain better control of your time, which is one of our most valuable assets in life.  No gives you strength.  People will begin to respect who you are as a person if you say no without hesitation and with authority.


The next time you feel in your gut the desire to say no and start wavering because of one reason or another, take the plunge, say no! Forget the water cooler plunge, take the plunge that will change your life for the better.  Just Say No.

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