So you woke up this morning and finally decided to drop your bad habit well; like a bad habit. That’s great news and a good start, unfortunately this is where it ends for most people. Studies show that less than 10% of people who try to kick a habit ever succeed. Not good odds, but don’t lose hope. You can conquer any habit or addiction! All you need is the right strategy and a little sincere motivation to say goodbye to bad habits. Here’s three simple and proven ways to drop that bad habit.

First, minimize stress or anxiety. These are surefire triggers that will have you biting your nails or smoking faster than you can say bad habit. That’s why saying no is so critical to breaking habits or addictions. It can simplify your life and thus reduce stress or anxiety. When we experience stress or anxiety a chemical reaction takes place in the body that stops will power in its tracks. Stress or Anxiety = Bad Habits.

Second, slowly reduce the frequency, speed, or quantity of your habit. I used this strategy quite effectively in helping me shed nearly 50lbs. Like most people nowadays I was overweight.  I would eat when I’m bored, stressed, or anxious. Sound familiar? I would also eat super fast which never gave my stomach enough time to tell my brain that I was full. Knowing that I’m not the quit cold turkey (no pun intended) kid of guy, I decided to employ 3 weight loss tactics. I reduced my portion size by 25%, minimized carb intake, and consumed food slower. I’m not hungry or starving myself and I’m actually eating my food these days instead of attacking it like Attila The Hun.

Finally, enlist the help of a friend to quit with you. We all need motivation to help us reach our goals. Some people just can’t do it by themselves. One day you may feel like relapsing while your partner is highly motivated to stay the course and vice versa.  Actively seek out someone trying to kick the same habit and make a pact to conquer that habit once and for all. You can do it! Stay Strong, Get Help, and Say No to Bad Habits!

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