The Healing Power of Faith

You can conquer any addiction with the healing power of faith. Faith will release God’s grace into your life. And we all need an abundance of grace in our lives. God wants our body and soul to prosper. God wants … Continue Reading

Ten Reasons To Choose Recovery

Because You Are Worth Fighting For! To Show Others Recovery Is Possible! To Stop Hating Yourself! To Find Happiness Again! So You Can Forgive Yourself & Forgive Others! To Move On With Your Life And Forget The Past! So You … Continue Reading

Stay On The Right Track. Stay In Recovery

You’ve taken the first step to change your life for the better. You are fed up with living the life of an addict. Maybe you’ve spent years in your addiction. If so, it will take more than a week or … Continue Reading

Recovery Is Active Not Passive

Things will not magically get better. Your habit or addiction won’t just go away. And while I believe in miracles its not the best recovery strategy. You can overcome any addiction. You can break the chains of any habit. It … Continue Reading

Less is More

Want to reduce stress, get more done, find lost time and have extra money? Then begin to simplify your life and embrace the idea of less is more. We know from research that stress can trigger any habit or addiction. … Continue Reading

Recovery on the Rocks?

Is your recovery on the rocks? Did get get off course? First off, don’t be discouraged, I t happens. Get over it and move on. Whether it’s been a day or a week get yourself back on your healing path. … Continue Reading

Recovery is a Marathon not a Sprint

It’s easy to get discouraged on your journey of recovery. We all do. Expecting instant results will only lead to relapse and disappointment. Change and self improvement develop slowly. Think of your journey as a marathon, not a sprint. You … Continue Reading

Purpose Kills Addiction

Jonathan Butler has seen and endured a lot. He overcame a life of drugs, self-destruction, and poverty though spiritual intervention and purpose. The superstar’s music has crossed multiple genre’s from urban, pop, jazz, contemporary, and gospel. He launched the Jonathan … Continue Reading

Resolve Your Trauma Avoid Addiction

Unresolved trauma can lead to all kinds of addiction. Studies show that many addicts experienced a major traumatic event in their lifetime. It is one of the leading causes of drug and alcohol addiction. Seek immediate treatment for any past … Continue Reading

Stay Connected With Others – Avoid Addiction

According to a study by researchers at the College of Natural Sciences in Austin, Texas people who are socially isolated may be more prone to develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol. We are designed to connect and interact with … Continue Reading