Is your recovery on the rocks? Did get get off course? First off, don’t be discouraged, I t happens. Get over it and move on. Whether it’s been a day or a week get yourself back on your healing path. Look for your true ‘No’rth! Life will get better. Get back to saying no. Whenever I’ve relapsed I focused on the positives. I said to myself, I’m not going to let one day ruin months of success. Please do the same. It will work.

Another strategy that I’ve had great success with is multiple no’s. I’m not trying to recover from just one addiction or battle but several. We are all addicted to many things. Some of those addictions are harder to conquer than others. Right now I have 24 No’s I’m battling. Some are very easy, a few others extremely difficult. But I’ve found that success on the simpler ones seems to help me stay on track with the others. One day I relapsed on two of them. However I was not discouraged but encouraged due to my success on the other twenty two.  Today all 24 are back on my true ‘No’rth.

Stay Strong and Say No!

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