3 Ways To Say GoodBye To Bad Habits

So you woke up this morning and finally decided to drop your bad habit well; like a bad habit. That’s great news and a good start, unfortunately this is where it ends for most people. Studies show that less than … Continue Reading

Life Is Too Short To Wait

What are you waiting for, exactly? A sign from God? The stars to align while the moon is eclipsing? A unicorn to show up in your backyard? I have news for those procrastinators waiting for just the right time, it’s … Continue Reading

Profanity – Bad Habit 7

Last week some friends and I had tickets to see the crew from Impractical Jokers on their “Where’s Larry?” tour. We watch the television show and find the various antics hilarious. The live show was fine but these guys truly … Continue Reading

Bad Habits Are Meant To Be Broken

You are not defined by your habit or addiction. Quit identifying yourself as an addict. You are so much more than that! You are many things. Maybe an artist, carpenter, hunter, pet lover, husband, mother, writer, and so on. You … Continue Reading

How To Be Happy This Memorial Day

The Declaration of Independence gave us the right to pursue happiness. Today is the day we remember the people who died while serving in the armed forces. Those same individuals fought and died for our freedom so we may all … Continue Reading

Quit Complaining – Quit Whining – Bad Habit #5

When you complain you actually can make things worse. Your mind affects your mouth and vice versa. You attract what you speak. Speak nothing but problems and you’ll get more problems. It’s ok to take a moment or two to … Continue Reading

Sleeping Too Much? Bad Habit 19

We regularly hear about the dangers of insomnia or too little sleep. Lack of sleep is linked to obesity, stroke, and heart disease. But oversleeping is also risky. It’s called hypersomnia and if your sleeping more than nine hours each … Continue Reading

Still Smoking? Just Say No – Bad Habit 2

Nearly forty million Americans smoke everyday according to the CDC. Seven out of ten smokers would like to quit with four out of ten making an attempt in the last year. If you’ve tried to quit in the past and … Continue Reading

Ending Procrastination – Bad Habit 4

If you found yourself feeling guilty or ashamed because you’ve waited till the last minute to finish a work or school project, your not alone. Procrastors are everywhere. And most of them are not lazy. They actually will work harder … Continue Reading

Hope Is Not A Recovery Strategy – Get Help

Hope is awesome. Expecting and assuming a positive outcome to any situation is a good habit to form. But it must be accompanied by some wisdom and common sense otherwise it’s false hope. You can’t just hope your addiction or … Continue Reading