When you complain you actually can make things worse. Your mind affects your mouth and vice versa. You attract what you speak. Speak nothing but problems and you’ll get more problems. It’s ok to take a moment or two to get things off our chest, but when it turns into a never ending talk about it forever session, it’s counterproductive. You will only bring more of those problems into your life. Think about who you are going to attract with that kind of mindset. It’s emotionally draining to be around someone who is always complaining or moaning about their problems. Friends will begin to tune you out. And you’ll interpret this action as them condoning your behavior. This false approval of your complaining only increases the emotional activity surrounding your problem. If you know someone like this you’ve no doubtly already learned that politely offering solutions rarely ever reduces the complaining or whining. “We just don’t understand” or “My problems are so much worse than yours” is what we regularly hear.

If your unhappy with your life do something about it. Complaining will only bring more pain. If it’s important, you will find a way. If not, you can always find an excuse and continue use to bitch about it. It’s time to be thankful for all the problems you don’t have. Only a thankful spirit will be open to receive new blessings. Go 48 hours without complaining, whining, or bitching and watch how life begins to change for you. Count your blessings, not your problems and just say no to complaining.

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