Ringo Starr Said No To Drugs, Alcohol, & Depression

After the Beatles broke up in 1970 Ringo Starr turned to alcohol for nearly two decades to cover the pain. “I was mad” he told the Times of London. “I got lost in a haze of alcohol and drugs” he … Continue Reading

Relapse Is Just A Bruise, Not A Tattoo

Addiction experts note that relapse is not uncommon. The reality of recovery is that many people experience relapse at various points along the road to recovery. No doubt relapse hits you hard, but remember recovery is about progression not perfection. … Continue Reading

Recovery Is Not A Credit Card, It Has No Limits

When you choose recovery your choosing a life of unlimited potential. Addiction left unchecked limits everything in your life. Your finances, relationships, emotions, health, and spirituality are all maxed out. Your addiction consumes and spends it all. Only in recovery … Continue Reading

Toxic or True Friends? Recovery Reveals The Truth

For people struggling with an addiction, a healthy friendship can be instrumental in long term recovery. Just as a toxic relationship can easily lead to relapse. It is crucial for people in recovery to discern between those two types of … Continue Reading

Quit Fooling Yourself! Get Help & Get Sober

At some point you need to quit fooling yourself and get help. Until you admit you have a problem and face up to it, things will only get worse as you dive deeper into your addiction. Maybe you can “control” … Continue Reading

Don't Live In A Van Down By The River – Just Say No

In late 1997 American comedian Chris Farley died as the result of a drug overdose. His role as a motivational speaker on a SNL skit was truly hilarious. Hired by parents to inspire their children to seek excellence and stay … Continue Reading

Bradley Cooper Said No – So Can You

In August of 2004 Bradley Cooper got sober and has stayed sober. He even refused to use any stimulants in the physical transformation for his role in the movie American Sniper.  A role in which he needed to beef up … Continue Reading

Rob Lowe Recovered – So Can You

This May actor Rob Lowe will celebrate 26 years of sobriety. An amazing accomplishment for the talented star who rarely said no in his early twenties. During his Brat Pack days he was known for womanizing, alcohol, and drugs. He … Continue Reading

Addiction Doesn't Care Who You Are

Addiction is no respector of people. In other words it doesn’t care who you are, where you came from, or how much money or fame you have. Rich or poor, black or white, educated or illiterate means nothing to addiction. … Continue Reading

Relax………Then Recover

The definition of the word relax is to make or become less tense or anxious. We know from research that stress triggers relapses so relaxation is essential to the recovery process. How do you relax? First you have to learn … Continue Reading