For people struggling with an addiction, a healthy friendship can be instrumental in long term recovery. Just as a toxic relationship can easily lead to relapse. It is crucial for people in recovery to discern between those two types of friendship. When active in addiction it is difficult to identify your true friends. Your addiction most likely drove away sincere friends who could no longer stand by and watch you destroy your life. When they left, you felt hurt and betrayed. You thought they were a true friend. In reality a true friend would never support your drug or alcohol use. Most people cannot escape addiction without help, and your addiction understands this completely. Addiction loves isolation. It wants to be your only friend. It’s extremely jealous of other friends unless they support your habit. If you have friends who discourage you from seeking help or don’t fully support your recovery efforts both mentally and physically, its time to clean house. You’ve finally made the life changing decision to rid your body of toxic chemicals. Don’t stop there. True recovery begins when those toxic relationships also are eliminated. Stay Strong, Get Help, and Just Say No!

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