The Truth Will Set You Free

“When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.” Thomas Sowell. When you avoid the truth you only hurt the recovery process and eventual … Continue Reading

Congrats to Anthony Hopkins for 40 Years of No

For over forty years now international superstar Anthony Hopkins has said no to alcohol. He began drinking in his early 20’s as an escape from his tedious theatre life. Over time the drinking continued to escalate beyond his control. He … Continue Reading

It's Time To Just Say No To Binge Drinking

Nearly 90% of alcohol consumed by people under the age of 21 is in the form of binge drinks. This type of excessive alcohol use leads to numerous intentional and unintentional consequences. Domestic violence, sexual assaults, auto accidents, alcohol poisoning, … Continue Reading

Your Past Called – Don't Answer

Recovery is about replacing old negative behaviors with new positive ones. It takes discipline, hard work, and focus. It also takes a break up with your past. Don’t be ashamed of your past, it helped create the amazing person you … Continue Reading

Never Make Permanent Decisions On Temporary Feelings

We have all made decisions in the heat of the moment we later regret. Emotions can lead us into taking action without thinking. When decisions are made without any logical thought or based purely on impulse there is a greater … Continue Reading

The Natural Way To Avoid Addiction

We have learned how stress and anxiety trigger or lead to addictive behavior. So how can one reduce stress or anxiety? It might be as simple as taking a walk through the woods. Spending more time with nature has been … Continue Reading

Laurie Dhue's Recovery From Alcoholism

It takes bravery and strength to face your addiction. It takes courage to speak out about something you’ve hidden for so long. It takes all three multiplied by a factor of ten when your on cable news. But that’s exactly … Continue Reading

Sheryl Crow's Huge Lesson

In an interview with WebMD the international recording star Sheryl Crow offers us a valuable life lesson. One she calls “a huge lesson for me.” In her own words “I’ve learned to stop putting everybody before myself and to say … Continue Reading

Rich Jones Ending His Addiction and Yours

Want to know how to end your addiction? In Part 2 of a 3 part series Rich Jones Executive Director of FAVOR Greenville SC talks about overcoming his addiction and the keys to success in overcoming yours!

We Are All Addicted to Something

People often associate alcohol or drug abuse when they hear the word addiction. Yet addiction affects us all. People can be addicted to money, fame, debt, sex, social media, or another person as deeply as they become addicted to substances … Continue Reading