The No Formula

Everyday we are faced with numerous decisions to make. Some are mundane and simple. Others are more important and potentially life changing. So how do you decide which path to take? Do you just roll the dice and see what fate has in store? Or do you over analyze every possible scenario until your left unable to choose? Far too often we make decisions without understanding why. In an effort to avoid pain, hurt, alienation, discomfort, or embarrassment we say yes when deep down in our heart of hearts we wanted to say no. This leads to unhealthy inner self conflict. Want to know why your unhappy, anxious, stressed out, frustrated, or even angry? It’s because you don’t know when to say no. It’s that simple. If I asked you to give me a $1,000 most if not all would say no pretty quick. See you do know how to say the word.
If you would just ask yourself a few questions before you said yes your life would be so much better. The no formula in the image above is an easy to use system that can guide you in the decision making process. Use it today and begin to feel the freedom and true power of the word no.

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