We’ve all been in them, whether a long time ago or very recently.  They destroy, take, drain, and make you lose sight of yourself.  If you are in a relationship that makes you feel in any way abused, hit the road. This is not referring to someone you’ve been with and are just having a rough patch, but someone you may have just started a friendship (or more) with and already see signs of red flags.

Too many people today, men and women, are attracted to chaos or abuse in some form due to past insecurities.  It’s time to realize what is healthy interaction between two people and what is not. I recently found out a good friend of mine was spreading incredible lies about me to many other people.  This is a woman who I defended from day one to others about her past.  I worked with her and befriended her in spite of and found out a couple of years later why she has the reputation that she has.  Did it hurt? yes.  But I care too much about myself to allow that in my life.

I had another friend who was in a relationship with a married man. Yep…believed all the lies over and over, year after year.  Finally realizing the time to say no.  Over and over we see it every day.  Setting boundaries in our life will only help us achieve more goals and have more focus.  Learn to say no, empower yourself, and only allow others around you that lift you up or support you.  Don’t allow those that blame you, bring up your past, play games, or make you feel awful.



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