Just Say No to Negative People

Just Say No to Negative people stealing your joy and happiness. We all have these people in our lives. Many are friends, coworkers, and even family. Set boundaries so you can limit the amount of damage they inflict. It’s ok … Continue Reading

Don't be a yes zombie, just say no

We know who they are, and we know if we are one of them. People around them know who they are. It’s the people who everyone goes to for help. Take me to the airport, help me move, can you … Continue Reading

Feel Great – Look Great – Golden Years

Just say no to sedentary lifestyle in your golden years. If you have led a life that has been void of exercise and healthy eating you may be experiencing some minor or even major difficulties as you approach your 60’s … Continue Reading

5 Ways to Look Great at any Age

Women, it is time that you embrace your beauty, be confident in who you are (and how you look), and accept aging as a challenge to age gracefully. I know, I know, you all are rolling your eyes. The same … Continue Reading