Isn’t twenty one days of sacrifice worth a lifetime of change? You’ve spent years perfecting your bad habits. You can break them in less than a month. It takes a minimum of twenty one days to change a behavior and create a new habit. For it to really sink in thirty days is ideal. Try saying no for the next 21 days. Say no to that soft drink, carbs, or a donut. Make it a simple no. Make it easy to say and do. Then replace that bad habit with a good habit. Instead of watching an extra hour of TV go for a 30 minute walk. Watch the immediate change you will begin to see in your life. Find a friend and start saying no together. It’s easier to break bad habits with help. As the days pass you will find saying no becomes therapeutic and refreshing. Stress and anxiety will start to fade away. Your life will regain its balance as you finally take back control. And always remember

“You’ll only find your yes by saying no” Jack Fedder

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