Habits are learned human behaviors. They did not magically appear one night. You created them. That’s right, you are the creator of your habits. You’ve made both good habits and bad habits over the course of your lifetime. So how do you conquer a bad habit? Create a new healthy one to take its place. Want to stop sleeping in everyday? Hire a personal trainer and meet them at the gym at 7am. Do that for thirty days and you can say goodbye to sleeping in. Habit can overcome habit. It just takes a little motivation and the typical 21 days. How will you feel? After twenty one days, incredible. The first few days or week, lousy. But, who cares how you feel! Care how you think! You are a product of your thought. All lasting change begins with your thoughts. Changing your thoughts, changes your emotions, which change your behaviors. Any habit can be conquered. Are you ready to pick up the hammer?

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