I honestly wish I could walk around, pick people out of a crowd, and teach them how to dress. It doesn’t take more money, it just takes a little more thought. We’ve all been guilty of dressing inappropriately at some point in our lives, it’s good to be reminded of a few basic rules.

1) Dress your age. This is number 1 because it is very important. It goes for guys as much, (almost more) nowadays. I am so sick of seeing older men and women dressing as if they are younger. It looks ridiculous. Don’t do it. Accept at least what decade you belong, and stop shopping in juniors!

2) Even if it’s in style & trendy, make sure it still fits. I happen to be in fairly good athletic shape, not especially hard to dress, but there are tons of styles and trends throughout the last 30 years that I have avoided because they just don’t look good on me. I don’t care if everyone in the world is wearing them, if it doesn’t flatter my body, I will not succumb. Trend is not most important, flattering your body is.

3) Please please please go through your closet at least every 5 years and get rid of stuff that is completely out of date. I have a friend who is so good at this. She will ditch without hesitation anything that hasn’t been worn in 3 months. I on the other hand, get into the sentimental, one day I’ll wear, but it cost so much.. mentality. I wish I could be more like her, and I force myself to get rid of stuff. My rule is, if I buy something new, something old must go!

4) Do not ignore colors. I have a gorgeous top that someone gave me. It was very expensive. I have worn it because it is a nice top. Every single time I wear it, I will look in the mirror somewhere and hate it. I do not look good in the color. It frustrates me but the last time I wore, I finally decided it must go. Pay attention to the colors that compliment you, and those that don’t wash you out. On the other hand, please avoid wearing black all the time. Listen, I love black also, love it for my skin color, and love it for its simplicity. But it can be dreary and shows no creativity. Add some color to your wardrobe, just make sure it is the right colors!

“Dress Shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman” Coco Chanel

5) Dress according to your weight. No matter if you are super thin or overweight, please dress according to your body. It just isn’t attractive to have skin hanging out all over the place, and it also isn’t attractive to see bones and ribs. I don’t care what you want to weigh, just buy the appropriate clothing. If you have gained weight in the last 10 years, please buy new clothes! I don’t care how much the old ones cost, they will not look right if you are now a different weight. Do not keep lying to yourself and saying ‘you’ll be losing the weight soon.’

6) Seductive versus classy. I am a woman, I have worked out very hard my whole life to stay in great shape, therefore, I want to be ‘rewarded’ with my clothing. I am also 43, so I have to make sure I stay within the boundaries of my age (number 1) and possibly showing too much. I have a friend who was horrible at showing her cleavage for years. It was awful how she was constantly ‘hanging out’ of her tops. She has finally realized this and has adapted. So much better! Kudos to her and let’s all do the same. Classy, flattering, yes….seductive and cleavage, time and place only.

7) Keep with a classic style and use trends for occasional. Trendy clothing is fun and helps you feel hip and young and I get it. But even if you are 25, remember to buy ‘classic’ clothes that will not go out of style in 2 years. This helps your finances as well as your overall look.

8) Shoes. Yep…so important. Men, please pay attention. Shoes are so important. I can’t tell you how much I cringe when I see a man in an awesome suit or outfit, and look down at his shoes and am appalled. Please take the time to wear as nice (if not nicer) shoes than your outfit. It really does matter. Women, on the other hand, please don’t over-do. You don’t need to wear platform heels to a football game. Another good rule, as much as we all love flip flops, (and I live in southwest Florida so they are a necessity), please own some shoes besides just those.

9) Undergarments. Although most of us are not walking around showing our undergarments, they play a role in how you feel and how you present yourself. Wear seamless when necessary, please replace stained and ripped undergarments, and again, let’s cover up things that should absolutely be covered. Wear bra’s that fit. Men, as much as you love your favorite pair of old, ripped boxers, please understand that they are not attractive. If you must keep them and wear them, do so on your own, not necessarily when we are going to see them. Wearing nice undergarments definitely allows for a confident and sexy attitude.

10) Don’t get stuck in a rut. Do not wear the same thing (or same type of thing) over and over. It is just boring. I know men who truly love to wear just white shirts for work. While I do appreciate a crisp, nice white shirt, please add a blue in at least once in a while. Women, change it up also. Sheaths are in, I get it, but please go back to a great skirt and blouse occasionally or ditch the skinny jeans and wear a pair of boyfriend jeans at times. Follow the basic rules, but add some variety and don’t get caught into the same look over and over.

No matter what your size, what colors you like, and what trends are stylish, follow the basic rules to keep on the path of dressing to look your best at all times.

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