Gotta love Sadie Robertson’s Rules for Dating! Can’t help but want my own daughter to adopt the same rules and to understand why she should. Being a woman, having a daughter, having a niece, a sister, a mother, etc.. I think it is all too important for girls to know how to say NO to boys. At any age, it is one of the most protective tools you can learn. Here are 5 easy, self-explanative ways to say NO:

1) First and most important, ‘No, thank you, I respect myself too much!’ Depending on the situation, if a guy is being too forward, rude, or in any way disrespectful, it is extremely proper and necessary to stand up for yourself and show that you respect yourself way too much. This ‘no’ will carry you far in life. Any guy worth anything will respect this answer, and if he has good, true intentions, he will move forward with respect.

2) ‘I seem to remember the girl you last dated. Saw how you treated her, broke up with her, cheated on her, etc., so…No way.’ This is an easy one for college age. Learning from my niece and her stories, it is easy to learn about guys when you see how they treat their former girlfriends. If you see him mistreating another female, rest assured he will mistreat you. Call him out on it and absolutely run the other direction.

3) ‘I’ve known you for like…5 minutes, not a chance.’ People (all people) are one way at first. It takes time to get to know someone. While I’m all about understanding someone may be instantly attractive, it takes time to see how someone behaves to see if anything more exists. Don’t rush… it’s your heart, your morals, your life.

4) ‘No, I’m sorry, but my friend/family member doesn’t like you.’ This one is especially important because we tend to be so naive and blind when we are attracted to someone. My niece will tell me how she will warn friends of hers about different guys when she has the opportunity if she has seen bad behavior, etc. Listen to the people who love you and care about you.

5) ‘Your parents are paying for everything, you spend all of their money on sneakers (or other age-appropriate item), and you have no focus, discipline, or ambition in life. NO WAY.’ No matter what age, guys should have some ability to show discipline and focus. As the man ages, there should be some ability and desire to start making their own way in the world. Whether it’s focusing on school for a future, working hard at a job, or showing focus in a sport, it is easy to see the guys that have a ‘loser’ mentality. Run away from them because they will ultimately expect you to take care of them too!

Saying NO is one of the best things a woman can learn to do in her personal life. A real guy will not be deterred by a few no’s. It will show him that you aren’t easy or cheap. Women, protect what you have and respect yourself. I love that Sadie Robertson has come out with her beliefs and morals because I know it will help other young woman to do the same! Visit and post a no or send a no today.

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