Want To Live A Successful Life? Then Learn This Word

Warren Buffet mastered this word to achieve incredible wealth. Steve Jobs used this word to change our lives forever. And this tiny but powerful word is available to you as well. Need more time? This word is a valuable time … Continue Reading

Less is More

Want to reduce stress, get more done, find lost time and have extra money? Then begin to simplify your life and embrace the idea of less is more. We know from research that stress can trigger any habit or addiction. … Continue Reading

Spiritual Problems Require Spiritual Solutions

In an effort to eliminate or numb their pain addicts will seek a chemical solution. That momentary bliss can quickly turn into an all consuming addiction. When that happens the pain is worse than before. Nothing about recovery is easy, … Continue Reading

I'm Allergic To Negative People

Recovery is not easy. It takes hard work, mental toughness, and a strong support group. Nothing weakens your recovery faster than negative people. They drain you of both strength and motivation. Those new in recovery are highly vulnerable to both … Continue Reading

Relapse Is Just A Bruise, Not A Tattoo

Addiction experts note that relapse is not uncommon. The reality of recovery is that many people experience relapse at various points along the road to recovery. No doubt relapse hits you hard, but remember recovery is about progression not perfection. … Continue Reading

Your Beliefs Are Self Fulfilling – So Believe In Yourself

Henry Ford once said “whether you think you can or your think you can’t, you’re right.” Your belief systems govern your thoughts, words, and actions. And you will never achieve success in life without action. Thoughts are powerful! If you … Continue Reading

It's Time To Stop Smoking!

Did you know 1300 people die each day from smoking? You may think smoking will help you relax or make you look cool. What it actually does is stain your teeth, cause you and your clothes to stink, screw up … Continue Reading

2016 The Year Of The 'No'

This year is the year of the monkey in the Chinese calendar. Let’s make 2016 the year of ‘no’ in America. We’ve tried the way of yes yes yes for decades now. It hasn’t worked! Over the last thirty years … Continue Reading

Sheryl Crow's Huge Lesson

In an interview with WebMD the international recording star Sheryl Crow offers us a valuable life lesson. One she calls “a huge lesson for me.” In her own words “I’ve learned to stop putting everybody before myself and to say … Continue Reading

Destroy What Destroys You And Break Free

Overcoming an addiction is one of the hardest things a person will ever do. That’s why a recovering addict is strong not weak. But before you can break out of prison, you need to realize that you are locked up. … Continue Reading