Up In Smoke: Your Teens Future When They Smoke Marijuana

Posted by on December 10, 2016 11:19 am
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Even the most enthusiastic supporters of marijuana legalization agree that pot use amoung people under the age of thirty is harmful. And smoking weed as a teenager is even more dangerous. That’s right, I used the word dangerous. Pot today is four to six times stronger than marijuana in the 1960’s and getting stronger everyday. While many believe it is not addictive, research shows that about one in six people who start using marijuana in their teens will become addicted. When using daily the numbers can reach a near fifty percent addiction rate.
It can do lasting harm to long term brain development in teenagers affecting their motivation, memory, and judgement. Three critical skills absolutely necessary for a productive and prosperous life. In today’s live for the moment culture young people need more support than ever to just say no to marijuana. The peer pressure is intense and never ending. With so much depression and anxiety the need to self medicate is at an all time high. But smoking weed to solve these problems is about as smart as burning your house down to get rid of some rodents.
Self medicating with pot just added another problem to your list that you’ll have to fix sooner or later. Stay involved in your teens life, otherwise their future may go up in smoke.

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