Young women today need to be reminded of a few things. My niece, who is in college, gives me story after story of beautiful young women who just throw it all away the second they enter that environment and have yet to see the results and consequences of their decisions. As a woman with a beautiful daughter, it is my goal to get this message out to others. Women are the backbone of many relationships, we need to remember how to keep value, moral, integrity, & honor in our lives. Only by honoring and respecting ourselves will we be able to gain the respect of others.

For 2015, here are the top 15 things all women, especially our young women entering adulthood need to say NO to!

1) The first & one of the most important is men/boys/guys, whatever your age. Please learn to say NO to the opposite sex. It is one of the only ways you can show self-respect. Most guys have absolutely no ability to truly care about you until they learn who you are and who they are. Give relationships time before you rush into intimacy. Moms, please teach your daughters this at a young age! Instill in them that they need to make a man PROVE himself before they trust & believe in him. Girls today are ridiculously promiscuous, have very little respect for themselves, & are losing pieces of themselves daily to immorality. Say NO to this, join the Sadie Robertson movement and start showing the most respect to yourselves!

2) No smoking. It is a dying habit-in all directions. Don’t start, don’t let your daughters start, & stop if you’ve already started. It is completely unhealthy in all ways and there is absolutely no reason to start or continue. It doesn’t look good, doesn’t make you feel good, and doesn’t make YOU look good.

3) No tattoos. It is currently THE fad I know….but it is a fad, when you are 40 or 50 it is not going to be attractive and you will probably regret it.

4) No bad posture. I see so many girls/women that don’t sit/stand up straight. It makes such a difference to do so and portrays confidence & is healthier for your bones.

5) No texting & driving. Everyone needs to adhere to this one! This also includes no putting on makeup while driving, no eating while driving, & basically minimize any distraction possible.

6) No to bad manners. Learn proper table manners. Learn proper manners in professional settings & elsewhere. Don’t be ignorant to proper etiquette and don’t think it is a thing for past generations. We need to teach our children manners and make sure we are setting a proper example.

7) No to ‘losing’ yourself to a guy or a friend. Stay grounded in who you are, stay focused on what is important in your life. Put your goals ahead of other people draining you. Understand that you cannot forego everything in your life just because you meet a guy that you can’t stop thinking about. Remember to take time for yourself. Other people will let you down. If you stay grounded in who you are, you won’t miss a beat when they do.

8) No to dressing too provocatively. In this age of ‘Break the Internet’ & our apparent Celebrity ‘nipple’ obsession, this one is a great one. Absolutely nothing good comes from showing everything you own to anyone who walks by. It sends the wrong message & isn’t smart. It will not bring any good in your life whatsoever. It attracts ‘losers’ and ‘heartbreakers’ & all the wrong kinds of people. Take some pride & again, respect yourself.

9) No to jealousy. Jealousy is just unattractive. If you are in a situation that creates and stirs up jealousy, then just get out of that situation. We’ve all been there, we all know there is a reason for those feelings. Typically it means someone else is doing something that causes those feelings. Just Say No and get out. Save yourself a lot of heartache & troubles.

10) No to being messy/sloppy. This is everything. House, apartment, car, clothes, closet, purse, etc. Keep a neat life. It clears the mind, keeps doors open for other good things to happen. Clutter just takes precedence & destroys.

11) No to non-moderation. Everything in moderation…a saying for a reason. So true. Don’t drink too much, eat too much, don’t be too much of most things. Obsessive compulsive behavior has its roots in too much of ‘something.’ Live with moderation in life.

12) No to married men. I don’t know what it is about married men, but they will say & do a lot to get you to believe in them. Don’t. They are not worth the headaches & heartache they will cause. Something like less than 2% of affairs end up going anywhere. Don’t think you will be able to stay emotionally unattached. Don’t think that karma isn’t going to visit you in return. Don’t think that you can handle it. It isn’t a good situation, and those men just want everything while you sacrifice everything. If all women agreed to stop having affairs with married men, more men would be faithful & good husbands/fathers. This goes for women as well by the way.

13) No to sedentary lifestyle. Don’t ever stop exercising in some form. Walk, bike, run, swim, anything you can do on a regular basis that keeps you fit & healthy. Too much obesity in this world today, too much over-indulgence, too much living too far from moderations. Take interest in your appearance & weight, as well as the health of your heart.

14) No to too much reality tv. It is crazy to me the amount of reality tv that is available, & the content of some of these shows. If you submerge yourself in these people, you will only be hurting yourself. It’s not reality. It’s not a great influence. Watch a little, that’s fine, but again not too much. Some of the characters starring on these shows are crazy.

15) No to cursing. It just isn’t necessary for most situations. If you are alone and feel the need, go for it. But in public as a manner of speech-just say no.

Good luck with the 15 ways to be a fabulous woman in 2015!

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