Hope Is Not A Recovery Strategy – Get Help

Hope is awesome. Expecting and assuming a positive outcome to any situation is a good habit to form. But it must be accompanied by some wisdom and common sense otherwise it’s false hope. You can’t just hope your addiction or … Continue Reading

Stay On The Right Track. Stay In Recovery

You’ve taken the first step to change your life for the better. You are fed up with living the life of an addict. Maybe you’ve spent years in your addiction. If so, it will take more than a week or … Continue Reading

Recovery Is Active Not Passive

Things will not magically get better. Your habit or addiction won’t just go away. And while I believe in miracles its not the best recovery strategy. You can overcome any addiction. You can break the chains of any habit. It … Continue Reading

Steps To Make Recovery Less Painful

Most people entering treatment are naturally apprehensive and curious as to what lies ahead. Here are a few steps to help you get the most out of your time spent in rehab. First off, convince yourself that this will be … Continue Reading

Less is More

Want to reduce stress, get more done, find lost time and have extra money? Then begin to simplify your life and embrace the idea of less is more. We know from research that stress can trigger any habit or addiction. … Continue Reading

Say No To Stigmatizing Addiction

Not a day goes by without some hater commenting on social media about the lifestyle or actions of someone fighting addiction. I got news for all those haters. We’re all addicted to someone or something. And some of those things … Continue Reading

Spiritual Problems Require Spiritual Solutions

In an effort to eliminate or numb their pain addicts will seek a chemical solution. That momentary bliss can quickly turn into an all consuming addiction. When that happens the pain is worse than before. Nothing about recovery is easy, … Continue Reading

Change your Environment

An addict I know has been unable to change her life for 30 years. It is the same story, use, hit bottom, get in trouble, get clean, get a new job, start in a new apartment, do well, use. The … Continue Reading

Routine Is Part Of Recovery & Life

Creating a healthy routine is a critical element in any recovery program as well as in life. Developing positive habits are the building blocks for a successful recovery. They help to create structure and avoid boredom or anxiety. Those early … Continue Reading

It's Time For You And Stress To Break Up

We all have heard that strees is the silent killer. Chronic stress is directly linked to the six leading causes of death. It is also the killer of your recovery. It affects your brain, reduces your immunity, and causes blood … Continue Reading