Still Smoking? Just Say No – Bad Habit 2

Nearly forty million Americans smoke everyday according to the CDC. Seven out of ten smokers would like to quit with four out of ten making an attempt in the last year. If you’ve tried to quit in the past and … Continue Reading

Ending Procrastination – Bad Habit 4

If you found yourself feeling guilty or ashamed because you’ve waited till the last minute to finish a work or school project, your not alone. Procrastors are everywhere. And most of them are not lazy. They actually will work harder … Continue Reading

Hope Is Not A Recovery Strategy – Get Help

Hope is awesome. Expecting and assuming a positive outcome to any situation is a good habit to form. But it must be accompanied by some wisdom and common sense otherwise it’s false hope. You can’t just hope your addiction or … Continue Reading

Life After Heroin? It's Been Good For Anthony Bourdain

Celebrity Chef and best selling author Anthony Bourdain considers himself one of the lucky ones to get off heroin and make it out alive. “I should’ve died in my 20’s” when talking about his heroin addiction in the 1980’s during … Continue Reading

Recovery Is Active Not Passive

Things will not magically get better. Your habit or addiction won’t just go away. And while I believe in miracles its not the best recovery strategy. You can overcome any addiction. You can break the chains of any habit. It … Continue Reading

Want To Live A Successful Life? Then Learn This Word

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Steps To Make Recovery Less Painful

Most people entering treatment are naturally apprehensive and curious as to what lies ahead. Here are a few steps to help you get the most out of your time spent in rehab. First off, convince yourself that this will be … Continue Reading

Less is More

Want to reduce stress, get more done, find lost time and have extra money? Then begin to simplify your life and embrace the idea of less is more. We know from research that stress can trigger any habit or addiction. … Continue Reading

Cut yourself some Slack

They say those who wonder if they are good parents are typically the ones who are good parents. I think sometimes those who continually beat themself up are probably the ones who should give themselves a break. Don’t be so … Continue Reading

Say No To Stigmatizing Addiction

Not a day goes by without some hater commenting on social media about the lifestyle or actions of someone fighting addiction. I got news for all those haters. We’re all addicted to someone or something. And some of those things … Continue Reading