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Probably the only thing more frustrating than dealing with an addict is being one. Addiction is a disease, and unlike many other diseases, this one cannot be explained or cured by a doctor. There are many rehabilitation centers in place that attempt to offer help, but the fact remains, addiction is incurable without divine help.

Because so little is decided and agreed upon with addiction, the person who has an addict in their life is in a difficult situation. They are unable to understand the addict, and there is no clear instruction manual.

Having two family members in my life who were full speed ahead addicts has given me a lot of experience in dealing with addicts. I belonged to a church that helped addicts, and have experienced all levels of dealing with them. I know a lot about how they operate, but I still couldn’t begin to tell you anything about their disease.

I can’t understand how a mom could choose a drug over her child, or how a man who loves his wife so much could choose a bottle over his family. Everything inside me screams it’s not possible. But it is, and it happens every day.

If you have an addict in your life who is unwilling to get true help, then you must know you will be dragged down their path. It will not be a fun road to travel. You have to cut the chord in order to save your life, or those around you.

If your addict is willing to get the help they need, please understand the road is still not easy, but it’s certainly worth traveling if it is a loved one.

Boundaries, discipline, patience, and an unselfish nature will help you in dealing with an addict. One thing you must know, it will be about the addict, not you. Your needs will be second place, and your desires will take a back seat.

Know that it’s not personal, know that they truly can’t help themselves, and know that their addiction does not make them bad people.

Realizing that you might need to seek just as much help as the addict. Your role is important and the decisions you make can effect that loved one. Does this mean the responsibility solely rests on you? No, not at all. But do not underestimate your influence.

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