National Dope Day!

Posted by on April 20, 2017 5:34 pm
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Potheads Rejoice!

Once again April 20th is upon us and the foul stench of high THC Marijuana permeates the country. Or so the lame stream media would like us to believe. The Happy 420 hashtag is trending on Twitter as scores of Dope Heads hiding in their basement deluge the platform with mindless content. The higher they get, the more they post. ¬†We see this same behavior when people get drunk or high on other drugs. Thankfully we don’t have a National Meth, Alcohol, or Heroin Day.

We all have friends who get high. We just don’t let them around our kids, finances, or vehicles. ¬†Looking to remodel your home? Hire a pothead and let me know how that works out. The pot addicts and their friends in the media will tell you everyone is doing it. Don’t you believe it! Not everyone is doing it, not even close. It’s a drug! Most people smoke it to escape a miserable life or dull their pain. Let them have their day to proclaim to the world “Happy 420” while we proclaim “Happy 2017”.

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