Just Say No Worked! Here’s The Facts

Posted by on May 1, 2017 8:04 pm
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Everyday the “fake news” outlets downplay the success of Nancy Reagan’s “just say no” campaign in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Why? Because the lame stream media hates conservatives and everything they stand for. Even if that means lying to us about the consequences of marijuana. Michelle Obama’s “let’s move” campaign was an utter failure! And the media’s response… crickets! Face it folks, they would like nothing more than to have an audience full of mindless stoned yes zombies. It’s easier for their advertisers to sell even more worthless junk we don’t need. Major food companies are loving the new “high” America. Sell those munchies! Also, dulling the senses makes manipulation a simple task. While the left glorifies Marijuana and wants you to think everyone is doing it, don’t buy it. They are not! Only the perception about its harmful effects is changing. Actual use is not rising!

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