If you found yourself feeling guilty or ashamed because you’ve waited till the last minute to finish a work or school project, your not alone. Procrastors are everywhere. And most of them are not lazy. They actually will work harder in a last minute rush to meet that important deadline. So why do we procrastinate? New research has shown that procrastinating is more about your negative moods than poor time management according to Joseph Ferrari at DePaul University. We just don’t feel like getting it done. If I wait I’ll feel more like it in the future. Of course the future comes and quite often we don’t feel better. Our mood hasn’t changed, but now the danger alarm has been triggered and we jump into action in order to meet the fast approaching deadline. If you are tired of the procrastination roller coaster and want to get off here’s a strategy that has worked for me. I realize that no one solution fits all. What works for me might not work for you and vice versa. However I’ve found that externally imposed deadlines are the most effective in accomplishing tasks and reducing procrastination. Most self imposed deadlines are meaningless as you have no doubt come to realize. I will ask for external deadlines even when they are not specifically required or demanded of me. Not a morning person? Then set an important meeting at 8am instead of lunchtime. Want to clean your house on Friday? Invite someone you respect to your home Thursday night. Don’t set your own deadlines. Find a way to create external deadlines and begin to fight back against procrastination.

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