Don’t Confuse The Facts: Just Say No Worked!

Posted by on November 15, 2016 9:14 am
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In today’s “Say Yes” to everything culture drug use is rampant and out of control. That’s fact number one. During the eighties Nancy Reagan’s “Say No” culture was found in every corner of America. America was united in its fight against drug use. Regular drug use amoung high school seniors was a stunning 37% in 1981. Eight years later, when the Reagans left Washington, only 19 percent of that year’s graduating class were regular drug users. And by 1992 it reached an all-time low of 14 percent. Marijuana use amoung high school seniors dropped from 50% in 1978 to 12% in 1991. That’s a massive success and fact number two!

Her leadership and tireless work ethic literally changed our culture. Professional athletes from every sport rallied behind her. Hollywood jumped on board with numerous hit TV shows addressing the dangers of drugs. Thousands of “Just Say No” clubs were formed to help teach middle and high school kids how to stand up for themselves and just say no. I was in high school at this time and experienced this first hand.

Like so much in our media today certain facts are distorted to achieve a political objective and alter our perception of history. But make no mistake about it, America saw a significant drop in drug use. Thanks Nancy!

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