Big Tobacco Lied To Us: Small Weed Uses Same Strategy

Posted by on November 4, 2016 9:25 am
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Tobacco companies lied to America about the dangers of smoking for decades. They used every marketing angle and the latest advertising strategies to gain worldwide social acceptance. Hollywood stars glorified smoking in movies. The “cool” kids were smoking in school. We know they targeted young people. They even promoted it as medicinal. Sound familiar?
Today small weed is using the same tactics to achieve its ultimate goal of national pot legalization for recreational use. Almost daily we hear “It’s a plant and from nature so it must be healthy”. Poison oak is from nature too. Once again Hollywood glorifies pot use in movies and television. Social media is the marketing front lines. Edibles are nearly fifty percent of Colorado pot revenues. Many of which look like candy, thus directly targeting our youth. The medicinal benefits of marijuana are extolled from the rooftops every time they publish a story about someone struggling with pain or epilepsy. For every one of those stories we have countless stories of lives being destroyed by pot use. The THC levels keep getting stronger to feed the addiction. The legislation in California Prop 64, Arizonia Prop 205, Nevada Question 2, and Massachusetts Question 4 is being written by pro weed supporters who promise self regulation. That’s laughable! Today we are paying an incredible price for sticking our head in the sand during the era of Big Tobacco. In the words of Edmund Burke ” Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it”.

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