How to organize your life with 10 easy steps

I have walked into people’s homes and seriously thought to myself I could probably not eat here if asked to. If there is clutter and stuff and things everywhere out of place, my brain just automatically thinks that cleanliness isn’t … Continue Reading

Parents: It's Time to Say NO to your Children

I think as parents we condition ourselves at a very early age to never say NO to our children. Maybe it starts at that 2 year old temper tantrum phase, or maybe we are just afraid of the word ourselves, … Continue Reading

Say NO to letting the arrow hold you back

The arrow is designed to bring you back…. But only for a bit! Then you soar and move forward at a rapid pace! Remember this when the arrow starts again in your life or the life of someone you love.

Top 3 Ways to Reduce Stress in your Life

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Anxious? Stressed? I think we all have. The best way to keep these feelings from returning over and over is to learn to say NO when necessary. Learn to set healthy boundaries and follow them … Continue Reading

The Why & How of NO

How to you say NO to your best friend? Your child? Your spouse?How do you tell your best friend they should say NO to something themselves? It’s tricky. People today want to hear ‘YES.’ We’ve lived in a generation that … Continue Reading

The top 15 Ways to be a Fabulous Woman in 2015

Young women today need to be reminded of a few things. My niece, who is in college, gives me story after story of beautiful young women who just throw it all away the second they enter that environment and have … Continue Reading

5 Ways Girls Can Say NO to Boys

Gotta love Sadie Robertson’s Rules for Dating! Can’t help but want my own daughter to adopt the same rules and to understand why she should. Being a woman, having a daughter, having a niece, a sister, a mother, etc.. I … Continue Reading

10 Easy No's to Help your Children Become Healthier

With all the available fast foods, packaged foods, busy schedules, and false advertising that now consumes our food market, it is harder and harder to keep our children healthy. With childhood diseases skyrocketing and mass production of food filled with … Continue Reading

Send A NO today!

Stop and think for a second. Who do you know that needs to say NO to something in their lives? Do you know someone who spends too much, lies too much, eats too much, or is a computer vampire and … Continue Reading

Participation Trophies: Just Say No

Political correctness, it’s gotten out of hand on so many levels. The notion that we can’t offend one person or group of people is ludicrous.  Whenever you change one phrase to something else, you are invariably upsetting a new group … Continue Reading